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    Metal Decorative Necklace $14.99
    Punk Rivet Neck Ring $13.99
    Punk Crescent PU Leather Neck Ring $15.99
    6-pieces Horn Gravel Shell Bracelet Accessories $8.99
    Four-pieces Daisy Flower Rope Bracelet Accessories $6.99
    Three-pieces Hand-woven Lotus Bracelet Accessories $6.99
    Color Rope Multi-layer Bracelet Accessories $5.99
    3-piecs Leaf Handmade Wire Rope Bracelet Accessories $6.99
    5-pieces Creative Horn Shell Bracelet Accessories $7.99
    Woven Color Tassel Multi-layered Footchain Accessories $6.99
    Hollow Wafer Beads Tasseled Two-Layer Footchain $7.99
    Simple Hollow Various Styles 5Pieces Rings $5.99
    Colorful Wax Line Hand-Made Bracelet $6.99
    Fashion Hollow Vintage Earrings $6.99
    Vintage Alloy Flower Earring Accessories $5.99
    Vintage Alloy Hollow Earring Accessories $6.99
    Multi-Colored Wooden Beads White Pine Tassel Necklace Accessories $18.99 $9.99
    Vintage Alloy Butterfly Earrings $5.99
    Irregular Metal Flower Basket Earrings $4.99
    Colorful Flowers Hollow Earrings $5.99
    Vintage Hollow Carved Pattern Earrings $5.99
    Vintage Metal Rose Geometric Ear Bone Clip $4.99
    Vintage Fashion Wing Earrings $5.99
    Vintage Metal Hollow Carved Earrings $4.99
    Vintage Palace Style Bronze Elements Earrings $4.99
    Vintage Bronze Leaf Earrings $5.99
    Special Shiny Beaded Arm Chain Accessories $5.99
    Personality Elk Animal Earrings Accessories $19.90 $7.90
    Vintage Fish Pattern Necklace $12.99